Your Skin Deserves the LimeLight 

     One of my friends prides herself on her perfect driving record. I guess she’s got that whole STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN thing down. I pride myself on my sensitive skin. It requires products that keep my skin feeling smooth and extra clean. Seriously speaking though; who doesn’t want acne free soft skin? Akilah; another one of my friends has helped me ensure the future of my skin. I have tried some of the best facial cleansers and was a faithful consumer of Noxzema. When Akilah introduced me to her products from LimeLight I was taken back. LimeLight is an amazing company. They originally created professional makeup and skin care for the stage and film industries, and have now expanded their reach to empower the everyday woman. So Akilah sent me some skin care samples to try. I am not exaggerating when I say LimeLight’s products are legit!









      I tried Dream Clean the other night and then applied Calm Balm moisturizer afterward. The results were incredible. My face felt like I’d just exited the womb. The glow up was real. I can’t even tell you what that little process did for my self-esteem. I was definitely feeling myself for sure. Akilah will tell you too because I even posted pictures to our LimeLight Facebook group. Here’s a little secret: a lot of people view me as being humble, but the truth is I struggle with my self-esteem due to being an emotional eater and becoming overweight. (that’s another story for a later time, but a personal battle I’m currently fighting to win) 

     LimeLight is the first cosmetic product I’ve used that has helped me smile from the inside out. It also helps that their line is made from all-natural ingredients. It’s always good for the mood when your spirit is uplifted. I don’t know about you, but I refuse to give up a product that doesn’t mask my true self.


To grab your spot in the LimeLight check out the rest of their creations here.

Comment below if you’d like to be added to Lit With AC. Akilah gives demos and a lot of useful information on all the products LimeLight offers.
Did I mention there’s a men’s line coming soon?! You know a lot of Love is created by the feeling of soft skin 😉

Don’t be afraid!                          

Step into the light Carol Anne!

Love Always,