White Elephants




152 years ago, a great battle broke out among the streets I have grown up on. The battle was said to be the turning point of the Civil War. A war fought on the precedents of racism; aging back to the hands of time when it was ideal to treat a person like property. And up until 1865 it was real cool to prod men and women like cattle because some men and women deemed themselves as superior to the human race. Fast forward 100 years from that great battle, and the herd has dwindled down from the stampede. Men and women can’t be treated like cattle anymore, but they’re still paying prices for freedom. They’re still paying for the losses. A foreshadowed “stock” market crash if you will. They’re paying with their lives, their emotions and thoughts. Children are paying too with their friendships and books. 100 years later and people in the¬†land of the free are eating before they can even cook. There was no sharing a meal with a person who looked different from you. Why? Because the white elephants were¬†still in the room. And the stampede continued to trample the weak. So much, that they left four little girls dead; on that 16th street in Alabama. It really is a shame but what do you do when there’s so many white elephants all in one room? And the funny thing is they’re being ignored. Fast forward 52 more years. The elephants are in the zoos now, but one escapes. This time, instead of four, it killed nine. Isn’t it ironic that the incident happened in the same place that side was from? The same side that got defeated in the great battle 152 years before? NO. No it’s not ironic. It’s prima facie ¬†evidence that the white elephants are still in the room with us. It’s not transparent. No paranormal activity has taken place. The elephants are still there, and they can no longer be ignored.

But let us not forget. In the eighth year following the death of the Birmingham four God walked the earth. Not as his son, but as his many sons. They were Titans. And they showed us how possible it was to peacefully coexist with a purpose. They reached a level of perfection most of us are still aspiring to achieve. Or maybe not because the mentality today is that people will never be perfect, so why even try? We try because God is perfect; therefore we are perfect because we were made in His image. Adam and Eve messed it up for us a long time ago, and that’s why God gave us three special friends: Grace, Mercy, and Salvation. We were put on Earth to enjoy the planet¬†God made for us, while practicing to be like Him. In hopes that we would love the people and things in it, as God has loved us. I know that little anecdote just went over some of your heads. But the point is, through a mere sport as football, the Titans showed us how to be perfect people with a little practice and respect for their team and the game. Most importantly they did it while the elephants were still roaming.

Life is all about progression. The evolution of technology tells us that. So why is it 152 years after the North beat the South, are we still standing on prejudice ground? I asked my followers and friends two days ago if we still lived in a racist world. I asked because R&B singer Tyrese Gibson is promoting his new album, Black Rose this week, and he posed the question first. His album is #1 in 13 countries around the world, but still hasn’t made it to the mainstream radio stations. White artists who sing the same type of music Tyrese does is getting played on mainstream radio stations, so he is wondering how this can be. Is racism a factor? Are we still living in a racist world? Now when I asked this same question to my audience, I heard more cricket chirps than anything. There was one person though who stated, “of course, the world will always be racist, or rather have racism in it. It is the animal instinct of tribalism embedded in the human heart. But we’re not animals. We fight this off by treating people like people.”¬†

Well sorry not sorry when I say this, but that has got to be one of the most ignorant things I have ever heard. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I know for a fact that I was not born with malice and hatred towards people in my heart. Those are things that have been taught to people over time. Dylann Roof murdered 9 innocent God fearing people in their church because he hated them, and was an adamant supporter of the racist symbolism the Confederate Flag stood for. Now that “man” is 21. He wasn’t even thought of by anyone but God when the Battle of Gettysburg took place. The only thing he or anyone else born after 1863 should know about racism is that it is an idealization that should be extinct. And the only reason it hasn’t been, the only reason why the elephants are still in the room, is because we as a people have perpetuated prejudice ideals for well over a century. It’s created quite the domino and snowball effects, but the buck has to stop somewhere. We have got to kick these elephants out of our rooms, and send them back to the mother land where they belong.

I hope you guys take this with you today. Put it on your minds and in your hearts. Because we are still dreaming of the day when our children will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character…

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