What’s Up With You Man? 

What is up with you man? Why you always putting down a woman?

Why you always gotta talk to her like she ain’t about nothin?

Your subliminal digs are not appeasing. Your personality isn’t pleasing. You’re lucky you even know her first name. 

You’re lucky you’re even still around. The epitome of your existence rests with her. 

You’re not even equipped to give life. So why you always trying to take her breath away? And not in a good way. The tips you giving her stay on a tip so rude. Man, just stick to subtweeting when you in the mood. 

I can’t understand. I don’t think I’ll ever know why. What’s the reason? What’s up with you man? Why you always putting down a woman? 

You think it’s cool to make her cry on the regular? Punch her in the face ’cause of calls coming to her cellular? 

Man it was just her fam. And what if it was yours? You’d be ready for war if that was your daughter. How can you not laugh when you call yourself a father? 

What is up with you man? Please get yourself together. You make it hard for other men trying to come up. Oh yeah I forgot. You don’t really give a fuck. But you know what? You really do need to give a damn. ‘Cause every woman out here does the very best she can. You really need to grow up. 

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  1. I love this!!!! You really out did yourself on this one!!!! Your words are so powerful and you have such a great rhythm…Thank you for sharing your thoughts and I’m just so very proud you!!!!

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