Turning Point











and it Sucks!

If you’ve never been depressed or diagnosed with depression, you’ll never know what it feels like to be in the midst of a self perpetuated cycle that causes your own suffering. In the fall of 2008 depression engulfed me like the Bermuda Triangle, and finally in the spring of 2015 a turning point brought my head above water. 

2015 started a little rough for me, but I found it was actually a year that changed me for the better. April 23rd was the night I was initially ignited. A friend of mine had a show in Springfield, VA, and he spoke to the crowd about the importance of living your passion. Something about his words woke me up. I started thinking about my own life, and how I too should be living out what I’m passionate about. The next week Belle’s Bleues was born, and here I am today writing to you on a blog that I own. It’s through Belle’s Bleues that I find solace in helping to change the world. The depressive state I used to be in didn’t allow me to truly believe achieving my dreams was possible. Thank you Caleb. About nine months ago you helped me give birth to my new life. 

     fast forward 

     Six months later I’m at work where “Sanctuary” is implemented on a daily basis. I continued to find peace in the treatment model that keeps me grounded to this day. Coincidentally enough I started working more often with a set of twins who’ve motivated me more than I could’ve ever fathomed. The more we worked together with our kids in care, we’d have various conversations about the lives we wanted to lead. Our dreams and aspirations began to coincide, and as our thoughts continued to collide inspiration began to boil my blood. Those twins are not only my co workers, but some of my best friends. They’re like family to me now, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you Gene and Ignacio. Your motivation has set my soul on fire. 

     No turning back…

In order to continue on my new momentum, I needed something concrete. I needed a constant reminder of something that would help me not to give up; because I’ve decided to kill my depression once and for all. I’ve decided to end “The Dark Ages” of my life, and live my passion. All of my hopes and dreams are within my reach; now all I have to do is work hard to make them happen. So this concrete thing I chose to obtain was a tattoo. I named it “The Turning Point” because it represents a significant change in my life. “The Turning Point” is comprised of two zodiac signs, two special numbers, and an ellipses:


The two zodiacs are Cancer and Sagittarius. I am a Cancer; Caleb, Gene, and Ignacio are all Sag men. 

This tattoo is located on my right forearm. The Sagittarius arrow goes through the Cancer sign. It points away from my body; representing the motivation they’ve given me that pushes me away from my past, and headed in the right direction. 

December 15th is the twins’ birthday. My birthday is the 12th of July, and my turning point happened in 2015. This is why you see the numbers 15 and 12 at the bottom. 

There’s two zodiac signs and two numbers represented. 2+2=4. 4 is the number of completion, and December 4th is Caleb’s birthday. 

The ellipses after the numbers signifies the future because my best is yet to come. 

Someone recently asked me if I regretted getting this tattoo. I responded with a confident ‘No’ because its significance runs deep. “The Turning Point” marks the age of a new era for me. These guys not only inadvertently turned me around, they helped saved me from myself.

what has you motivated this week?

are there people in your life who are constantly inspiring you to do better? 

Like Martin Luther King’s, my dream is coming to reality. By the grace of God I have “The Turning Point” to attribute to that. 

With no equivocation, stay motivated. Stay true. Now go be you. 

allez-vous! I love you all.