4 Principles

the seven commitments help us build the following four principles. they are the foundation on which Belle's Bleues stands to help change minds, heal hearts, and change lives. these principles are often known by the acronym S.E.L.F, and govern the weekly topics of the blog's posts.  


Physical- safe from all forms of violence and abuse; weapons, substance, physical, mental, and sexual

Social- the ability to feel safe with other people, and refraining from all types of abusive relationships

Psychological- the ability to be safe with ourselves; protecting ourselves from destructive impulses triggered within and/or triggered by others

Moral- the ability to stand firm in our beliefs while respecting and tolerating the beliefs of others; regardless of the situation or circumstance

Emotional Management:

Learning to identify our feelings helps us manage our emotions. This principle challenges us to use our emotions to manage our reactions, rather than allowing our emotions to control our behaviors. 


This principle teaches us to recognize and manage the loss (or changes) that naturally occur within our lives. Whether they are bad or good; managing loss properly allows us to let go and move on. 


This principle is all about managing the responsibilities that come along with the freedom of choice. In order to live better lives we must let go of past choices, and embrace the power of imagination that creates incredible futures.