The Heart 


What is it? Where is it? And how do we get it back? 


Is it sympathy or empathy we lack?

It crosses my heart and hopes to die; sticking needles in my eye.


The antidote to all things. The anecdote of all stories…


 My soul explores empty shelves on the empty walls in the store. The place where love has been thought to be bought. But obviously “The Heart” can’t hold no more. It’s been sold out, and now it’s for rent.

     Its lots are vacant now too. No cars bringing consumers. No vehicles being driven to arrive at this common destination. Nothing’s on sale. No deals being made. No prices being dropped. Nothing new to look at. Nothing new to come home with. Nothing new to try on.

     “The Heart” is empty, and I used to love this space. Music used to fill every room when you stepped inside. The kind of music that tickles your veins, and leaves you unable to feel your face. It was the kind of music that resonates so loud you can’t even hear your own thoughts.

     But that was okay. Who needs to think when you’re surrounded by people and things you love? Being loved helps you feel love, and love overrules everything. That’s why I’m going to miss “The Heart.” That place was a space where hate was never embraced. And you always left better than you came.

 Now it’s gone; so life won’t be the same unless…

Unless; I buy “The Heart!” Yes! I’ll rebuild it. New shelves with new love and new lovely music. People are gonna come here from everywhere! I’ll attract them all.

My new place is called “Sound Mind: easy on the head and good for the soul.”