The “Gee” Code

The discrepancy started over a “gee.”

“But for real though? My inner piece is ‘bout to peace out on you simply. Roman and Sasha make Ramona; I ain’t talkin’ Quimby. Inspiration from the baddest in the game. Tanya and Giselle, they molded Kierstan Marybelle, and don’t think for a second you can call me by my first name. Yeah. ‘Cause I don’t know you like that. Your disrespectful ass is ‘bout to become a problem in fact, and I know: lately your plug has been a outlet short. Layin’ low and breathin’ heavy ‘cause you always on that life support.”

     Finally she’d had enough, and that was her testimony. She vowed to no longer allow him to get her attention with excessive force; or the threat of such for that matter. She vowed to no longer sit in traffic; fearing the flow would rack points against her reputation. There was a time when she was blinded by the illusion of love. Whether it was an ounce or a pound she wanted to be a metric in the matrix of the system. She loved getting high and sitting low like a queen on her throne. It was the surplus of goods she didn’t want to leave alone; for she had never tasted love so sweet. “Ciroc”ed in circles every week made her dizzy, but it was okay. She was protected inside the circle.

    Or so she thought. See, there comes a time for dismounting when on a high horse, and of course the money he was counting left her filled with remorse, and back then she didn’t care. As the cycle continued he introduced her to Christina and Mary Jane, but finally she had had enough. No longer would she allow him to get her attention by strangling the neck of Forgiveness. What was up with this man? Deep inside she knew but overlooked his preexistence; until the past caught up with her present. She refused to give gifts of turning cheeks. For Christ sake she wasn’t Mrs. Clause! There was no agreement stating she was obligated to do so.

     And the verdict was… INNOCENT. He tried to place blame for him being a lame, but the evidence came up insufficient. In the name of peace she bid well wishes, and kept the relationship aloof. There was no conviction for services unprovided. Her love for him showed all the proof.