"Because we are all the same, I must treat myself how I treat you."

-Kierstan Belle


Hello Everyone!

     I am Kierstan Belle. From the bottom of my heart I thank  you for visiting and supporting Belle's Bleues.

     I dream of the day when people can love one another because they truly love themselves; which birthed the Belle's Bleues platform. I created this blog as a way to perpetuate love and unity, because we are often too judgmental and discriminant in ways we fail to realize. 

     I have adopted the Sanctuary Model created by Dr. Sandra Bloom to promote self awareness through a mental health perspective. The model was made to rebuild resilient individuals in the wake of storms of trauma. I believe if we act in its teachings we can build resilience; deterring trauma altogether. Food and the culture of hip hop were added to the mix because Love is felt the most while we're eating and dancing. 

     Within Belle's Bleues' post categories I write to you about Love through mental health, food, and music based on the Sanctuary Model's commitments and principles. (if you'd like to know what the categories are all about, I suggest you visit "The Bleues" page) 

     I encourage you to look around, and enjoy this place I've created where peace ALWAYS exists. I'm on a mission to bring love back to the world; one mind, one heart, and one life at a time. With healthy hearts and open minds I see us creating better lives for ourselves, and better futures for our children. 

Thank you again! 

I love you all,