below are brief summaries of the post categories of Belle's Bleues.

these days have also transpired to Belle's Bleues' Facebook page. 


Motivational Monday: committed to the practice of Open Communication, and maintaining the support needed to achieve personal goals.

Tasty Tuesday: keeping you fed mentally and physically with its commitment to the practice of Emotional Intelligence and good self esteem. 

What's Up With That?! Wednesday: committed to the practice of Social Responsibility: reporting current events in hip hop culture, updates from the mental health community, the promotion of self-care, and features from the "Character Spotlight."

Thankful Thursday: committed to the practice of Social Learning, coping skills, and interventions. We also take the time to learn more about diagnoses from the mental health community. New songs are also added to "The Songs of the Day" playlist to take the edge off of a busy week. 

Focus Friday: dedicated to the practice of Non-Violence. This day also zones in on Sanctuary Certified Facilities around the country, and news from the beloved Sanctuary Institute of New York. 

Silly Saturday: committed to the progression of Growth and Change, accentuating the positive through laughter, and offering fun experiences on the pros and cons of humor. 

Sanctuary Sunday: committed to the practice of Shared Governance, and introduces the blog's topics for the following week.