Suicide Necklace

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If I die

I don’t want to try

I can’t stop cutting

All I do is cry

And every minute, second, hour of the day

I think of death and wonder why

I’m going to grab some ropes and hang myself in the air

I’m waiting for the perfect moment to feel free

One day I’m going to flee from the pain that’s dragging me down

Or should I go for a swim and make myself drown? 


¬† ¬† ¬†Suicidal ideation derives from a series of emotional traumatic events. Unfortunately these events create a chain frequently¬†worn around heavy hearts. These are often the hearts of children born to young families; young families created by young mothers and fathers. Emotional trauma is inadvertently invited into the homes of young parents because they often lack emotional intelligence. Young families form out of feelings the parents felt “in the moment.”
¬† ¬† ¬†As a result children are subjected to suffering. How would you feel if your parents resented you? How would you feel if your mother gave you away because she didn’t want to fight to take care of you? How would you feel if your father left because he was too afraid to be your father? Emotional trauma within a young family can lead to adoptions, residential treatment for children, foster placements, and doors of¬†juvenile delinquency.

¬† ¬† ¬†A child should never wear a broken chain. A child needs to feel like they have purpose. A child needs to feel loved by the people who are supposed to take care them. It’s not charming for a child to contemplate thoughts of suicide because they’re parents and families don’t want them. Children don’t create themselves. It’s our responsibility as parents, caregivers, and guardians to adorn our children with¬†love. They should never be adorned with feelings of rejection and neglect. A child should never want to die before they’ve had a chance to live.

The child who wrote “Dear Baby” is the same child who expressed feelings of worthlessness in the poem above,¬†because of an adoptive family who doesn’t love her the way they should. When your child is born don’t give them a suicide necklace. Give them a chain of hope attached to a charming dream instead. I ask that you pray for this child and more like her as she still continues to fight for her purpose in life.