Spotlight on Philly’s Newest Podcast

Since Trump has taken office politics has created negative sound waves in the media, but in the city of brotherly Love politics have developed a new meaning. I had a whole different outline for this week’s Character Spotlight, but I had to scrap it after I heard this podcast. A new radio epidemic is on the verge of spreading like wildfire in Philadelphia. ¬†Allow me to introduce to you, “Politicking As Usual.” This podcast is putting Social Responsibility on the map in Philly. The cast even starts the show with putting Meek Mill under the microscope. Their conversation is raw and real. They put in perspective the role Meek plays in the production of hip hop and the influence he has on this generation.

“Politicking As Usual” is also a show of motivation, perseverance, and self esteem. The cast isn’t even educated in the Sanctuary Model, but the podcast runs parallel to every single commitment. It touches on life struggles, college struggles, struggles with depression, and coming of age while dealing with all of it. I was moved on all aspects on the conversation. While listening I felt like I was in the room because the cast gives you that feeling. They talk in a way that keeps the audience engaged and makes you feel right at home.

If you are from Philly or a so called millennial trying to make it you need to be tuned into this show. “Politicking As Usual” is bringing Love back to the city. The cast consists of host @fats215_¬†and his co-hosts¬†@k.jenay, and @officialtmarie. Every Wednesday they’ll be on air so show some Love and tune in. I can’t wait til next week.

Tap the podcast pic up top to listen to the show on iTunes, or just click here.

If you can watch TV for an hour, you can tune in to Black History in the making.

I’m proud of this podcast and its cast. Nothing but love, and that’s real.

Love Always,