Selfish Meditation

Hey Everybody!

Happy Tasty Tuesday!!


From my YouTube channel¬†I present to you¬†a delicious meditation to help improve your self image and self esteem. I absolutely love meditating in the morning. It allows me to open up, and gives me the confidence I need to seize the day. This week we’ll be talking a lot about Growth and Change¬†and personal development. The big question I want you to think about is: OVER THE PAST YEAR, HAVE I CHANGED FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE?

Some of you may ask yourselves this question, or even avoid it in fear of the answer. That is¬†PERFECTLY FINE.¬†I want you to realize this week, whether or not you are in total acceptance of where you are in your life is A-OK. There’s no need to dwell bad choices. Understand where you are and how you got there. If you’re not alright with your reality, make the necessary changes to become a better you starting¬†TODAY.¬†This guided meditation helps you let go of your past, and embrace your present while giving you the self esteem boost you need to proceed.¬†For a better me and a better you; I hold up my morning coffee cup: cheers to a better¬†US.¬†

Ignore the noise. Plug into this meditation and enjoy…