Restorative Task Part 1 

The air reflected the pungency of salami. It derived from the plastic that’d once contained the Italian sub she finished only thirty minutes before. She glanced across the room to check the time. 44 minutes had passed since she first clocked in. It was her 10th consecutive day of work.
On the countertop to her left sat a 16 year old boy. They had to be together so she could keep an eye on him. His aggressive behavior separated him from his peers. He’d been alone with one staff everyday for the past three weeks.

“I barely know this kid,” she thought. “What if I happen to trigger him in some way?” “What if he isn’t complaint with me?” “Everyone will think I’m a joke if I’m the one who has to call for assistance over here.” She was apprehensive to sit with him alone. He was much taller than her. What if he became sexually inappropriate? All she could do was pray that between the two of them, this shift would be okay.

He could watch a movie with his peer group that night if he completed an assignment. Of course it was up to her to facilitate the assignment, but if he wanted to watch that movie bad enough she assumed he’d do it.

As she was putting his assignment together they met again with their eyes. Suddenly she became eerily warm. His eyes gave her an interrogative stare; as if to tell her what not to make him do. They gave her great fear.