Philly’s Hottest Podcast: Episode 2

“Politicking As Usual”

came back today for its second episode, and it was nothing short of an excellent show. Time really does fly when you’re having fun because that was the quickest hour and a half of my life. iTunes rated the podcast in their top 150 after the first episode, so shout out to the cast’s great work. Another shout out goes to them for mentioning Belle’s Bleues on air! When I heard that I was smiling from the inside out. Of course I didn’t write my last review for recognition; their show just demonstrates excellent Social Responsibility, and it’s my job to show communities around the globe what that looks like. So big ups to the cast. I thank you for your work from the bottom of my heart.¬†

Episode 2 featured the podcast’s first interview. The guest of honor was none other than Wayne Avenue’s own Foxx Chase Paper. If you’re not familiar with Wayne Avenue in Philly, it’s home to a hot breakfast and lunch spot called Trio. I’m not even a huge grits fan, but I’d definitely eat these shrimp and grits from Trio.¬†

Wayne Ave is also about 5 mins away from Vernon Park; home of Philly’s Rain Garden. The garden was actually a socially responsible project completed by residents of the city. It was one of the first of its kind, and paved the way for more ecologically sound and innovative stormwater management systems.¬†

Needless to say; or as Philly puts it, say less, because Foxx’s hustle embodies just as much sound and innovation. His movement Guide For Made Men (GFMM) has definitely been putting in work lately. Foxx’s latest release, The Initiation stamps his place on the music business as in independent artist. I’ve listened to the album, and it puts some of today’s industry artists on the back burner. I always admire the work ethic of independent artists. They’re hungry enough to stay true to themselves, and they don’t let irrelevant activity eat up their valuable time. Tomorrow I’ll be reviewing The Initiation so stay tuned.

Episode 2 of “Politicking As Usual” remains just as inspirational as the first. The cast gives sound advice to our generation regarding school and business moves. They even recommended valuable reading material like Rich Dad Poor Dad. It’s a book written by Robert Kiyosaki that gives lessons in financial literacy. Rich Dad Poor Dad has also been named the #1 personal finance book of its time, and Robert Kiyosaki has appeared on Oprah to discuss the book so you know he’s legit. This is the second time I’ve heard this book given for recommendation in the past¬†couple weeks, so now I have to get it. Tap the photo below if you’d like a copy.¬†

Amazon Prime offers this book for the low to their members. If you want to try Amazon Prime you can tap the picture below.

If you’re an Android user you can still tune in to “Politicking As Usual” via SoundClound. I listened to the broadcast on this platform as well, and the quality hasn’t at all compromised on its sound in comparison to the iTunes broadcast.¬†

Once again if you’re from Philly, or a so called millennial trying to make it you should be subscribed and listening to this podcast.¬†

If you can watch TV for more than an hour a day, there’s no excuse as to why you’re missing Black History in the making.¬†

Love Always,