New Focus

A couple days ago I spent a great deal of time in a psychiatric hospital. No I wasn’t checking myself in, (although it probably wouldn’t hurt) I was there to admit one of the children I worked with. While we were waiting for the child’s room to be ready we got to talking to a senior citizen who worked there. She was telling us pieces of her story. She was 61 and suffered from PTSD, depression, she had been chronically raped at a young age, been a victim of domestic violence, two of her sons had been murdered, and one was currently residing on the fifth floor of the hospital because he’d attempted suicide. Still this woman rose everyday to help the lives of others. This hospital worker also told us about how she’s been managing her diagnoses consistently for the last 15 years, although sometimes her mental health attacked her physically. She said,”I had been repressing my trauma for so long that now my disease attacks me because I’m trying to get better. Sometimes my body reenacts my trauma, and it keeps me from my daily routine. Sometimes I can’t even move my legs, or I’ll get up from peeing, and the toilet will be filled with blood. I can only work 12 hours a week or else my body will physical start to shut down.” The elderly woman continued to say that it’s important to keep moving no matter what. She said, “you can’t stay stuck; you have to realize there’s nothing wrong with this moment. You can’t let yesterday steal your tomorrow.” 

Oh how I wanted to get into a Sanctuary conversation, but one of the doctors came to ask our child some intake questions. So, unfortunately, our conversation was cut short. Within the short time she was talking, I learned a great deal from that elderly woman. I learned how to further appreciate life and all it has to offer. I learned within an instant, I needed to take myself and my goals more seriously. I learned the importance of focus. Focus feels good to achieve because it leads straight to success. I love a good focal point, and I’ll never lose focus on purpose again.