Drunken Love: Confessions of a Sag Man

¬† ¬† ¬†And the verdict is… GUILTY.


She pushed him, but not on purpose. She didn’t intend for him to fall.

She was simply unaware he even loved her at all.

The rhythm of his words left her unable to speak.

Inside she craved his attention, but only four days a week.

She crucified herself for him as God so loved the world.

Pleasure was taken from the time he dubbed the lady as his girl.

But hush little baby; he orders not to say a word.

From the outside looking in their yellow window seemed absurd.

It wasn’t colored rosy like the other glasses were.

Behind closed doors, displayed emotions left her feeling quite unsure.

Was it a chase or a hunt? ‘Cause that’s only good for the goose.

She was wrapped up in his love, but desired to be tied loose.

Or was it loosen up my tie? She couldn’t remember what he’d told her.

She only recalled the gentle squeezes of his hand upon her shoulders.

The difference in their years brought the authority she needed.

“You don’t know what love is,” he concluded. To every notion she just heeded.

Her heart felt every effect. Was this a result of the cause?

Could she exist without him today? Could he live without her tomorrow?

They say an intoxicated mind tells nothing but the whole truth.

This time she needed evidence, but his love exhibited no proof.