Is She a Murderer?


¬†And the verdict was… GUILTY

There was no pleading the fifth; she’d already committed perjury while exercising the first. Inadvertently of course; for such behavior had become conditioned. She was used to telling herself she deserved less when what was true was in fact the opposite.

“Ma’am at what time did you realize you committed homicide?” The prosecution seemed to be persecuting her for crucifying herself. Apparently suicide meant murder in the first degree, but she hadn’t been aware of the difference. She hadn’t paid attention to the role she played in her own life. It was a show she’d been forced to buy a ticket to.

Every day she dangled on a string; oblivious to the plot, missing the storyline, and allowing Time to be her puppeteer. “While I was on break,” were the only words she used as an answer. Morsels of enticement kept her sustained. Well, for a period of time. The food took the pressure off the strings until she flipped the script. The more she ate the heavier she became, and Time could no longer hold her.
Did she snap before she started killing herself? Or did she start killing herself because she snapped? She didn’t know the difference; so what reason did she have to love? Her method of operation changed the second her heart had broken. There was little recollection to where all the pieces had fallen. There was nothing left to use in order to maintain her range of motion.

Before she could be taken away, racing thoughts allowed her behavior to be rectified. Proof of life gave her heart permission to speak its truth; for she was still on the stand waiting to testify.