Is Foreplay Your Forté?


Of course I don’t know anything about your sex life,

     but we all know what Mike Bivins meant when he said, “come on baby, let’s go get wet,” in “Can You Stand the Rain.” I also know I can’t be the only woman who doesn’t run like a “push to start” in the bedroom. I need some oil like the Tin Man. Ladies, ya’ll know what I mean.

     As I’ve come into woman hood I notice more and more in the sexual equation, foreplay is becoming less of a factor. At first I thought maybe it’s just me. Maybe my standards are too high. Maybe I’m expecting too much. Maybe foreplay is overrated. Well of all the times I’ve had sex without foreplay being involved, I enjoyed it less. So I did my research. I found that not only is foreplay beneficial to the man and the woman; it’s necessary! This article from MensXP concurs.

     See, men and women are programmed quite differently. Of course we know that, but when it comes to sex, this fact gets overlooked, and women are written off as needy and asking for too much. So to all my sexually active people out there, is foreplay your forté? Are you selfless enough to take the time needed to get your partner ready for knockin’ the boots? Are you too selfish to put in the work? Or do you expect the foreplay to be all about you?

     When foreplay is put at the forefront of sexual activity is makes for a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved. I didn’t mean to sound freaky, I’m just saying. Studies have proven that people who have pleasurable sex perform better at work, sleep better, and are less prone to develop heart disease, arthritis, and diabetes. Last year an article was published on explaining the details.

     Men, if you don’t know exactly what your woman desires regarding foreplay, open up the conversation; communicate with her. I’m sure she’ll be glad you’re interested in what it takes to please. Valentine’s Day is coming up. Some of you will be handing out roses in exchange for the cookies. By no means am I telling you how to live, but if I were you; instead of skipping the foreplay I’d be getting hip to the script. If ya’ll still need some more help, the people over at Men’s Fitness got you. I guess it all comes down to can you really stand the rain?

     Alright, I’m done. Now go make love. Be safe though. Keep your fruit in the loom if you’re not ready to be fruitful and multiply.

Love Always,