I Love Lucy 

I Love Lucy,

and I’m not talking about that show featuring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. Yes, the Ricardo’s made it feel good to watch late night television, but my Lucy makes it feel good to eat. Her recipes for mindfulness always give me an Emotional Intelligence check; as Lucy fights anxiety and I fight depression. The food Lucy cooks and bakes not only photographs well, it’s nutritious and comes with the ingredients needed to move forward with life. Take these Emoji cupcakes for instance. Emojis have become the easiest way for people to share their feelings. I just wish more of us would be more vocal about emotions. We tend to hide behind keyboards and smiles because putting feelings on display is misinterpreted as a sign of weakness. Hit the photo below for the emoji cupcake recipe. I hope you eat your emotional heart out.

For the sake of mindfulness of course 😉

The Middle East has gotten the short end of the stick from President Trump lately. Believe it or notmiddle eastern countries have shown so much Love to Belle’s Bleues the last couple weeks. Here’s another tasty treat from Lucy’s kitchen. Tap the photo of Lucy’s One-Pan Pasta with Mediterranean Vegetables below for the full recipe. 

Visit bakingyoubetter.com for more delicious dishes. Lucy creates with one of the best efforts I’ve seen to help us all maintain a sound mind. 

Love Always,