Foxx’s Hip Hop Initiation

Foxx.¬†Not Jamie. I’m talking about Foxx Chase Paper. The hottest lyrical rapper in Philly whose movement puts mainstream “hip-hop” on the back burner.¬†

Here’s why. See, today’s hip hop artists have forgotten that their music isn’t just supposed to sell, it’s supposed to embody life. Music is the language of life. That’s what it always has been, and that’s what it always will be. Origins of music date back to storytelling as a way to cope with personal and environmental changes.¬†

Hip hop roots much deeper. Its culture is all inclusive and its rhythm is the hip’s hop. It’s that energy; that lubrication within a socket that allows the body of the people to move. Hip Hop is the center; the core of all things musical, and an artist can never forget that. They have to remember that the movement is bigger than them; louder than them, and they’re sole responsibility is to maintain the flow while remaining a true individual.¬†

What I just said probably went over a lot of heads. If you’re an artist who didn’t comprehend, you probably equate hip hop to dope beats and punchlines. It’s cool though, and I get it, but Foxx seems to get exactly what being an independent artist is all about.¬†

His movement, GFMM(Guide For Made Men) is woven with true originality. The heart of GFMM holds to its faith, family, money as a tool needed to survive, and music as the avenue to the money’s generation. Foxx’s latest album, “The Initiation” paves the way for this generation; by giving rhythmic narration on being a man and father in Philadelphia while pursuing his dreams. The album is truly Foxx’s language of life. In a world where music is barely supported by creativity anymore, “The Initiation” is greatly appreciated.¬†

Check out ¬†“Worth It,” Foxx’s latest visual:¬†

If I’ve told you anything this week, it’s the importance of listening. I hope you’ll take heed to Foxx’s words as they have the power to help you succeed.¬†

What’s does your language of life say about you?¬†

Have you initiated yourself in your purpose like Foxx? 

As ears on the body of the people, I also hope you can move when you hear Foxx’s call:¬†
“Will they reminisce over you? Only time will tell.”¬†


This album review wraps up the Thankful Thursday’s of Faded.February…¬†

This month I hope you’ve cherished the memories and moments made, because nothing lasts forever.¬†

The time is NOW to: 
Love Always,