Fear My Mind

Anxiety: a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.Anxiety is perpetuated by fear, worry, and stress. 

Anxiety brings about a chronic feeling of discontent. To me it’s incomparable to depression because I haven’t figured out which is worse. Would you rather feel sad and miserable all the time, or have this constant pondering in your mind about all of life’s negative possibilities? Either way both put your mental health at risk; giving your life plenty of room for error. Within these “errors” life can get very traumatic and crazy because our decision making process has been altered. Mental illness causes our perceptions of reality to become askew. When you’re afraid, and overly anxious you begin to worry unnecessarily. Negative self talk develops into a consuming cycle; straining our relationships, and diminishing all signs of significant progress. We can’t let fear cause us to perpetuate anxiety. It’s bad for the brain. Studies have shown that people with anxiety disorders have been linked to developing Alzheimer’s later on in life. A positive mind breeds positive thoughts; making us less anxious and open to positive possibilities. 

I want you to start affirming with yourself that whatever obstacles are standing in the way of your goals, you will conquer them. I want you to free your mind. Release the stress and negativity. Successful people think successful thoughts, so don’t succumb to anything less. Don’t be afraid of your potential. Turn it into tangible evidence of your strength and hard work. Use fear to motivate you past your pain. Use fear to help you prove everyone wrong. Never remain anxious and afraid. Use Sanctuary to help you say hello, and stare Fear right in its ugly face.