Coping Through Creativity

Today is Thankful Thursday at Belle’s Bleues, and like I told you on FB today I’m thankful for my coping skills. They truly do help keep me sane.

I shared an artist a little earlier by the name of Futuristic. This isn’t his first time on the blog, but today I am admiring the way he has made a career out of coping with the negativity in his life.

Below is a poem from me called Cause and Effect and¬†Futuristic’s video, “Music Saved My Life.”¬†

Enjoy how we cope well through creativity…


¬† ¬† ¬†Every cause has an effect, but is the effect a result of the cause? Does tomorrow exist without knowing today? Does today live without seeing tomorrow? I long for the day when troubles pass away, and the light of the morning comes. I wanna see hate in a place where no heart can embrace it. Shriveled up like a raisin in the sun. Oh the sun. What a great ball of fire, heating up the mystery of the air. The mystery you see, is the reason I seem, to not walk around without care. Is my life a mess because you fucked up? Or did you fuck up so my life could be a mess? I don’t mean to be profane, it’s the effects from all the pain. I can’t deny that I’m blessed; but in the midst of all the stress, my mind can’t help but wonder…Why can’t I acquire my strength and desire of life in a much different way? Why must I feel what my brain doesn’t know; how to feel as I endure each day. I know every cause has an effect, but is the effect a result of the cause? The questions I ponder make all my thoughts wander, but only in search of the truth. We live in a dying nation, correlation doesn’t equal causation, and I’m still looking for square roots. Staring at this page, I’m dropping my pen before my faith continues to fall. Looking up at my reflection, I take a deep breath, and truly thank God for it all.