Character Spotlight on the Generous DeGeneres 

 “Changing hearts and minds; I don’t think anyone has been more influential than you on that. Attitudes shift and the laws follow it, but it started with folks like you.” 

-President Barack Obama to Ellen DeGeneres

One of my favorite women in the whole world is Ellen DeGeneres. 


She is the coolest, most bravest woman in the history of television. 

Ellen put her career on the line some twenty years ago when she announced to the world that she loved women.

Not many people have the courage to wager their reputation for the sake of standing firm in their sexuality. Though we are still struggling to love and accept the LGBT community, Ellen stands in the forefront as one of its most engaging leaders. 

Social safety is so important as the Sanctuary Model teaches us. When a person is rebuilding their resiliency after suffering through a traumatic event, they need to feel safe in social environments. They need to feel secure enough to be able to express themselves without fear of judgment. It’s important that they are able to rediscover and maintain their voice. 

Ellen DeGeneres embodies social safety in such a profound way. She gives people everywhere a voice because she’s found her own, and understands how important it is to be heard. 

Ellen gives back, she’s been given plenty of awards such as the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and she even has her own record label called eleveneleven. 

Through all of her trials and tribulations, Ellen DeGeneres always shows us what Love is. We watch her exhibit it on her show and with her life. 

Ellen can kiss a boo boo with her bright eyes, contagious personality, and witty jokes. 

Her endless passion for Love and life demonstrates she gets it:

Love Heals. 

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