Character Counts

Yesterday I posed a question to my Facebook friends asking them what made them create an account. As I expected all the responses I got were positive; people just wanting to connect with old friends, promote their businesses, and stay current on certain events.

Unfortunately it seems as though we’ve strayed away from the purpose of what Facebook is really about. Some of us happen to think this social network is the new “Days of Our Lives” keyboard style. We post irrelevant pictures, gossip about other people and their pictures, and add and request people just to be nosy.

Here we are taking something meant for good and turning it into something bad; defeating the purpose of the whole networking concept. Networking is meant to help you make valuable impressions and connections. It allows people to support you on a positive level; bringing good vibes and energy all around.

How is it that we get distracted so easily? Because complacency is easy that’s how. It’s easy to do what everybody else is doing, but it’s what you’re not doing that really counts. Did I lose some of you? Well let me break it down real quick. It’s not what we’re doing. It’s what we’re not doing. Your intentions don’t mean anything when you’re not doing anything to fulfill them. Who cares if you created a Facebook account to network with professionals when all you do is talk about what the next person has going on? Or what their kids are wearing? Or assuming how they pay their bills? Where’s the positive networking in that?

Sometimes we have to stick to the status quo, and stay focused on what we know. We can’t let distractions defeat our purposes because it’s our subconscious that controls our character. And you might not have meant to get distracted, but like I said your intentions don’t mean shit.

Now sip your morning tea, and marinate on that!

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