Care to Share?

“You need to share!”

     We all remember our parents telling us this. It was their way of instilling friendliness instead of selfishness; while also making a statement that said their child wasn’t spoiled. “Would you like to share with the class?” We all know teachers who ask this question too. To them sharing signifies a simple exchange of knowledge. To a student sharing is just an opportunity of embarrassment, because it’s a reflection upon their intelligence. Typically they just don’t want to sound stupid if they say the wrong thing, and nine times out of ten they just didn’t complete the assignment.

     Today’s information age makes the need to share a lot more compelling. Facebook is the number one place for people to share. On our timelines we see everything from news, to funny videos, makeup tutorials, recipes, and the list goes on. When I think about how easy sharing is with just the press of a button, I can’t help but wonder: do we really know how to share?

    I’m not just referring to tagging people in posts and products they might like. I’m talking about that back in the day; get up in front of the classroom type of sharing. The kind that adds value to our lives and the lives of others. The kind that exercises and provokes open and honest communication.

     Open Communication allows us to show what we are thinking and feeling in order to convey specific messages. The key here is specific. Are you speaking in ways that accurately show what you think and feel? Am I? While you’re reading this post, do you understand what I’m saying? Between phone calls and texts we tend to fall victim to sending mixed signals. In today’s world people don’t have time for Morse code; so it’s important to say what we mean, and mean what we say. When we fail to communicate openly and honestly we depreciate the value of life that knowledge and truth provide. If you disagree, just take a look at the world today, and the relationships you have with the people close to you. How many unfortunate circumstances have taken place with miscommunication at the source? If you’re still in disagreement just think about the pot “alternative facts” consistently stirs.

     By no means am I trying to tell anyone how to live. I just know from experience we just can’t go throughout life being misinformed. It’s been scientifically and socially proven that communication rules the nation, and it’s also the key to any successful relationship. Open Communication has the power to unlock a host of valuable opportunities. It is much easier to practice when talking about things we love, and talking to people we love. After all, sharing is caring right?

    Do you think you can practice Open Communication at home? What about at work or at school? I encourage you to try and let me know your results. A simple message has the power to change minds, heal hearts, and change lives.

Love Always,