Bye Felicia

¬† ¬† ¬†Why feel the need to talk about me? Is it because they’re talkin bout you? Do you really feel that bad inside? Involving my innocents in your convo too? My innocents are innocent they ain’t done nothing to you. My innocence is innocent. Oblivious to everything that you do.
So why feel the need to talk about me? Is it because they talk about you? You know they’re just jealous, wanna be in your presence, but that trash talkin? Nah, that ain’t cute.
So why talk about me? When I’m supposed to be; your lover, your sister, your friend. It was me who you called, back against the wall, but I guess you forgot that too then.

¬† ¬† ¬†Hm. I don’t get it. I really don’t. And when I see you in these streets I dare you to say that I won’t! But no. Man, let me fall back. I’ll just keep praying for us. It ain’t going down like that. But I want it to. In the back of my mind. ‘Specially to find out how you been doing me all this time. It’s cool though. But here’s a simple fact. Yo ass ain’t irreplaceable Felicia.

Just Know That.

One Reply to “Bye Felicia”

  1. It is true, it is sad and it really do hurts. You are the good guy in it all yet you always come out on the bottom. It seems as though you never get out of it. Sometimes you want to just give up, run away or just hide. You get angery and sometimes you want to hurt yourself, but I have learned that life comes with some ups and downs. I am learning to do just as one of my favorite songs says, let go and let God.

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