Buns of Steel, Chapter 15: Focus the Process


     “You two need some time alone to process,”

     Bix empathized. “I’ll clean up in here. Why don’t you guys go chill in the living room? I have stuff in the truck for work tomorrow. I can stay here tonight if you want babe.” “Perfect. Thank you,” Donna replied. “Come on Charlie. Bring a drink. I’m definitely bringing mine.” Donna and Charlie moved to the living room as Bix suggested. Donna was glad he was staying the night. Bix gave her feelings of security and comfort. She knew she was doing the right thing by waiting until marriage for them to live together.

     Donna and Charlie sat down beside each other on the couch. She took another sip from her wine glass. She had to make it clear to Charlie that he was right where he needed to be. She could do it; if only she could focus on the process. “I don’t know if you know this Charlie, but my mother died shortly after yours. I guess that’s why I’ve been a little out of focus lately. This house has been filled with grief and mourning. I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you all this before. I just wasn’t ready. I guess I needed my own time to process. Apparently time waits for no man though; as I was forced to reopen old wounds.” Charlie put his arm around Donna and squeezed her. “It’s all good Mama. The Band-Aid needed to come off so we could heal.” “You’re so right,” Donna agreed. “You are really growing up. Carrie would be proud of you.” “She’d be proud of you too Mama; for raising me up like you’ve been,” Charlie told her. Donna returned his compliment with a smile.

     “Mama. How’d your mama die though? You never told me that part,” Charlie inquired. “She was killed by a drunk driver on her way to process you out of Child Services. My dad was with her in that accident. He spent six weeks in the hospital. I was in graduate school at the time. That’s why I seemed to not really be around. Your mom and I had our differences, and I was also in school. That crash caused a lot of damage to our family, but it also did some good. My dad used to own the diner, you know. After the accident he signed it over to me, and then I came looking for you.  It just got to be too much for him to handle with Mom and Carrie passing, and him trying to keep up with his physical therapies. I haven’t seen him since I signed the paperwork for that building. Nobody has really,” Donna concluded. “He didn’t even show up to the grand reopening.”

     “Would you know him if you saw him?” Charlie asked. “Of course,” Donna confirmed. “He has eyes just like me.”


Do you think Charlie has connected all the dots? Have you? 

Do you think there’s more Donna has to tell him? 

Buns of Steel. You don’t want to miss what happens next!