Buns of Steel, Chapter 14: Explain It

     “Come sit down Charlie. It’s alright.

     Your mama just needs to explain some stuff to you, that’s all,” Bix tried to reassure him. Charlie continued to stand frozen next to their staircase. He already had authority problems. This was one of those times where Charlie didn’t appreciate people telling him what to do. Especially coming from someone who hadn’t been a constant in his life after all he’d been through. Charlie suddenly grew a look on his face the Hulk himself would be afraid of. He stared right into Bix’s eyes because he felt they had a problem. “Mama,” Charlie repeated. “What. Is. He. Talking about? Tell me. Right now!” Charlie shouted so loud and punched the wall next to him.

     “Charlie Warner Williams. Please come sit down, but don’t get confused; I’m not asking you,” Donna responded; her face wet with tears. Charlie did as she instructed. “Sorry,” he said softly. Donna walked over to the china cabinet around the corner. She kneeled down to the bottom drawer, and took out a photo album. Everyone was now seated in silence; gazing upon the book in front of them as if they’d just found the Holy Grail. Charlie’s jaw dropped as Donna pulled out a familiar face. “That’s my picture! Only you’re in it too!” Charlie couldn’t believe what he was looking at. Why did Donna have such a photo? “You told me you knew my Mama, but what? Were ya’ll like best friends?” Charlie asked.

     “It was a little more than that,” Donna started to explain. “See, there’s a reason why I came to get you after Carrie was taken from us.” ‘From us?’ Charlie thought. Suddenly there were butterflies in his stomach, and his heart was playing the drums. He stared blankly at Donna as if to nudge her to continue. “Here. You can have this since your other one was destroyed.” Donna handed Charlie the picture of her and his mother, and proceeded to tell him her story. “We; I mean your mother and I. Well, we were sisters Charlie. Half, but there was nothing in the world that made us more whole. Your mother was just a baby when my dad married our mother. We were so close Charlie. She was my best friend. I loved her so much. And I still do. I see her every time I look at you. Your mom, dad, and me grew up together. We went to your high school and then we all got into the same college. We were all friends back then. Your dad got a full ride to Auburn playing ball. We all thought he would be the greatest. Hell, we hadn’t seen anyone play ball like him since my dad was in the paint. My daddy was a baller too Charlie. Just like yours. He used to work with Clarence on his skills too. Me and Carrie didn’t play, so your daddy was like the son my daddy never had.”

     Donna stopped to take a sip of wine. She wasn’t sure how the rest of the night would play out, but Charlie was owed an explanation. He was old enough now to know the truth. “So if you and my mama were sisters, how come I never saw you ‘til after she died?” Charlie asked. “Families are supposed to stay together. What happened?”

     Donna took a deep breath before she continued to explain. “What happened Mama? Explain it to me,” Charlie persisted. Donna looked at Charlie, then at Bix, and back at Charlie again; the blue around her irises glistening. “Your mom and dad got married after we graduated college. I never told her he raped me, and I’d gotten an abortion. No one knew but our parents. When I finally did tell her she laughed at me. She said if he did do it, it wasn’t him; it was his schizophrenia.”


I’m just going to leave this here. Let you marinate on this for a minute. 
There’s obviously more to this story, but you’ll have to come back for Chapter 15!


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