Bench Mark Spotlight

It’s What’s Up With That?! Wednesday, so you know what that means: Character Spotlight time!

     January is National Mentoring Month.

¬† ¬† ¬†In the spirit of Just.January…’s theme of equality, Belle’s Bleues is taking equal opportunity to see what’s going on with mentoring programs across the¬†US.¬†

The mentors featured in the Character Spotlight know how to properly demonstrate Social Responsibility. 

In the spotlight first we’re checking in on the Bench Mark Program of Lancaster, PA.¬†

The mission of the program is as follows:

¬† ¬† ¬†The streets sell a lifestyle rooted in brotherhood, protection, and opportunity ‚Äď but with the potential for great personal costs. Bench Mark Program invests in our at-risk youth, providing these perceived street benefits without risk. We are a strength-based family of mentors who use exercise, academics, and career counseling as the means to attaining¬†a successful future. While life on the streets is temporary, Bench Mark Program commits to our students‚Äô well-being and happiness for as long as they need.”

     So far so good for Bench Mark Program. They stand by their mission, and give their clients the strength they need to proceed; literally. Bench Mark offers fitness training, academic counseling, and career coaching. They help relieve the stresses of pursuing post secondary education by lifting weights, working with school counselors, and offer substantial support throughout the entire application process; both during and after. 

     Bench Mark receives student referrals from therapy providers, juvenile probation offices, intervention centers, and more. 

     If you know of a student who is at risk for excellence, send them to Bench Mark:

    341 East Liberty Street

 Lancaster, PA 17603


     They have the power to change minds, heal hearts, and change lives.