On Sunday’s we honor Shared Governance:

the collaboration of authority; as implemented decisions affect all parties involved.


Shared Governance is important. It exists every day. It’s all around us. We just barely notice it. 

Each and every day we make a decision that affects us or the people around us.

Enjoy this free verse that celebrates the equal importance of safe decision making. 


    Be careful what you say to me. Your words may bring out emotions I haven’t learned how to manage. Be careful what you say to them. The tone of your voice may influence the group, and they have the power to change the world.

     Pay attention to the way you look. When’s the last time you appreciated the curve of your smile? You may care less to dress up. You may care more to dress down. You may just want to stay in the bed; ALL DAY. When you look good, you feel good. Just remember that.

     Pay attention to the way they look. Are they squinting? Are they welcoming you with open arms? Do they smile back? Are they making eye contact? Their expressions and movement will tell you everything. It’s possible you may need to leave them alone for a while; so pay attention.

     Did you hear that? Listen closely. Too much noise can be deafening, and silence can impair us just the same. There is much clarity to be gained from the details. You may need headphones so you won’t miss a thing. Life is beneficial when you listen closely.

     Breathe in, breathe out, release. Was the air fragrant or did it reek of foul smells? Foul play is inevitable when we don’t clear our space. In order to fly you have to spread your wings. In order for a change to occur, change must take place.

     Be gentle. Be gentle to him, be a gentlemen to her, hold the baby gently, be gentle with them. Everything you touch has the opportunity to turn to gold. Never intentionally cause pain. That hurts.

     Proceed with caution. Look both ways before you cross the street. The frosty road is the one less traveled right? Yeah, take that one. It makes all the difference. Besides, your future is waiting.

     **In everything you do this week, no matter what it is; do it safely. Once the damage is done there is no turning back. We all have a right to equal protection. Safety first. Be safe.