A Speaker’s Speaker 

In Monday’s post

to help motivate you to participate in active listening during your next conversation, I told you this: “headphones and quality speakers are what make music comprehensive and enjoyable. There’s a certain filter applied enabling the listener to hear exactly what the artist intended. There’s no input noise; just the sound of the music, clean and pure.” 

We see it as the artist’s responsibility to aid in their music’s clarity. If not fulfilled, the music is hard on the ears and we tend not to listen at all. In terms of communication did you know you and I are also artists? Well we are indeed; with our bodies as the music and our mouths as its speakers. Music speaks the language of life, and hip hop is a perfect example of that. Though when conversing, our body language takes its place, and our mouths are responsible for bringing clarity to the message. 

Belle’s Bleues is a fluent speaker in the language of the Sanctuary Model. The model being designed as a form of mental health treatment, and used to rebuild resiliency in individuals who’ve suffered from traumatic experiences. Belle’s Bleues uses its platform to be a speaker of Sanctuary; helping to build resilient individuals in reverse. Every blog post places the Sanctuary Model in communities across the globe in an effort to deter traumatic origins and spread more Love. 

Sanctuary language is comprised of the acronym known as S.E.L.F(safety.emotions.loss.future). The seven Sanctuary Commitments are the words used to speak this language. Its grammar comes from three keynotes heard as tone, rate, and volume. So remember some paragraphs ago when I mentioned you and I are artists of communication? As we speak to one another and especially to our children; tone, rate, and volume are vital to the clarity of our messages. Tone is self-explanatory as it plays a role in the direction of a conversation. Rate is established by the speed of language being used, and volume is self-explanatory as it plays a role in whether words are heard at a low or high pitch. 

As the speaker of given information, our mouths are responsible for controlling tone, rate, and volume. In the Information Age we’re living in, the future depends on our ability to control these keynotes. Just think about it. The conversations we lead are always controlled by tone, rate, and volume. After a conversation with someone, the perception of them is either changed or stays the same. Have you ever talked to a person who’s voice is monotone? Just completely flat with no personality or expression? How about a person who screams every time they talk, or just talks so fast you can barely understand what they’re saying? I’m willing to bet my life you either react in annoyance, or you’ve simply learned to tune them out. 

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A simple message always has the power to change minds, heal hearts, and change lives. 

Love Always,