“Hip Hop is not dead. I’m just stuck around¬†beginners,” was the last line boldly stated by Cal Mobley after he called out some artists around the Gettysburg, PA area. In a clever track covered to J. Cole’s “Fire Squad,” Cal proposes a friendly competition. He wants the raw talent in and surrounding Gettysburg to make a little noise. Cal purposely pushes buttons in this track to motivate some of the artists he knows and works with. It only took Cal a little under two minutes to spark a flame in the 717.

Among some of the names lit by the flame were Dubby of Team Loko¬†and Dutch Money. Dubby and Dutch have also worked together in the past on “Rowdy.” This track has also caught fire¬†in the 717 with its 11.6K plays on Sound Cloud. Dutch and Dubby took time to answer the challenge Cal proposed, but some might say Dutch is the one who actually fired back. In his response, Dutch asks, “who is Cal Mobley anyway?” Dubby makes it known in his response he’s still the boss no matter what anyone says or does. Well the CEO, as he so eloquently puts it, but still asks all the artists who are participating to be respectful. Ahhh… yes. There it is. Respectful. After this competition what is really most important? Respect. Respect for the music and everyone who is making it.

But how about we give respect to Cal Mobley for igniting the flames around Gettysburg? He may be a native of the DC area, but the 717 is his residence now. It seems he wants to put the place on the map just as bad as anyone; whether they happen to be from around there¬†or not. How about we recognize this competition for what it really is; a push for positivity. A push for all artists¬†involved to continue to put all they have into their music. Make the people feel something. That’s what music is supposed to do; it’s supposed to provoke thoughts and feelings. Music gets us through our good and bad days, because when we don’t feel right we don’t act right. Which one of these local artists is about that action? Cal says he can show us what success looks like. Dutch, can you? Dubby, can you? Are there any other artists out there willing to pop off in this Hip Hop Hop Off? I want to see just how far this wild fire will spread. Is there criteria to the 717 King title? Who is putting in the most studio time? Who grinds the hardest? Who is being the best role model for our youth? Who creatively speaks the truth? Do these artists and fans know the difference between fuss, facts, and fun? ¬†Will the next artists to pop off perpetuate the positivity, or will they “re-nigg” it with negativity?

I know ya’ll are firing shots around here, but don’t shoot the messenger.

Be easy, and remember to be yourselves with absolutely no equivocation.

Stay motivated.

<3 Belle.